There is nothing calmer than taking a stroll by the sea. The dark depths of an autumn ocean almost seem mysterious all of sudden, even though they just a few weeks ago were so well-known and discovered by the diving summer guests. It is as if the changing season is making everything darker, even though the weather has changed for the better and could easily be compared to summer once more. Although, it is hard to ignore the fact that the sun is setting earlier than usual, and the waters upon which I paddled after work, are suddenly overshadowed by the long trees standing by the coast, as the sun is dropping behind them even before I get to drag my paddleboard out.


The temperature is warm, but the darkness of the sea makes it appear cold. I still want to swim out into it to discover whatever adventures it might be hiding. At this time of year, we often get the phenomena: phosphorescence. Taking a swim late autumn evenings can therefore be very exciting and so extremely beautiful as the sea glows of the small plankton when you swim through it.


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