After days with rain and generally humid weather, it is truly about time to harvest onions. If they stay for a longer time in the ground, they would begin to turn bad. After the harvest, the onions will of course have to dry at a dark and airy place. They will therefore be able to stay fresh for quite some time. We have our onions for educational use where school kids have their own gardens, sow seeds, harvest the yield and make food from the veggies; from soil to table.


It was fun to see them getting amazed by how large their carrots and onions have become once they pulled them out from the ground. The pride in their eyes is indescribable and makes me think that this practice should be mandatory in schools. Their onions have become so big that they could barely wait to take them home, and I really hope that they will not all be used for cooking, so that their parents also will see how great their kids have done in the garden.


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