Ugh, have I ever told you about my strange obsession with herbs? I cannot call a place “home” if it does not at least have one herb on either the windowsill or the balcony. I absolutely love to use fresh healthy green delicious herbs for cooking, and I love to see them develop and sprout as I cut them down during my use of their leaves. I love the taste of parsley, the sweet scent of sage, the pine-like sensation of rosemary and of course the ever so famous thyme used in soups, with meat and even in autumn salads.urter2

This summer, we had to say goodbye to two beautiful huge pots of thyme and rosemary, because they both got sick. Our thyme started to lose its leaves and looking very dull, while as the rosemary got attacked by scales. We took them to my boyfriend’s parents’ house, where we placed them both outside as one last attempt to save them, although I do not have much fate. We will probably have to buy two new ones next year.


The sad thing about this is that we had them from when they were small plantlets. And they have grown so much during the past couple of years that they both are over 60X60 cm. I am sorry to see them go.


5 thoughts on “FOR THE LOVE OF HERBS

  1. Did you try cutting them all the way back to just a few cm? I do that every year with thyme and give our rosemary regular haircuts as well. It can help a ton!

    PS if you can find Cuban oregano I highly recommend from one herb lover to another!


    1. Thank you so much for the advice. I will try that next time we are out visiting his parents. Do you think it help with the scales on our rosemary as well?
      And I will keep my eyes out for cuban oregano 😉


      1. Doesn’t hurt to try! Also years ago I told one of my potted rosemary plants that it was time it learned about ‘survival of the fittest’ and planted it outside…and 8 years later it’s still there, getting twice annual haircuts to keep it down to about 1.5 meters wide! Most of my herbs are now outdoors as bees love them and most can deal with all temps 🙂


      2. My mum did the same, haha. I love how just placing the plants outdoors can heal them instead of keeping them inside. And of course, if it is not a strong one it will die after the first cold night, but if it survives, it will just become stronger.
        Ugh, I cannot wait to move away from the apartment, so I can do the same.
        In which months do you cut your rosemary?


      3. I cut them whenever they’re done blossoming, which here in Portland is a couple times a year, usually spring and early fall (don’t want to do it too close to winter). By the way I looked up the spotted issue on yours and it sounds like it might be bug-related, and it said to pull it out of the pot, give it and the roots a good rinse, then replant in new soil. That and hard prune it, you might be surprised! My husband has the magic touch with reviving stuff – he did that to my oregano and it grew back better than ever 🙂

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