I do not know what it is about everything lately, but I have felt that my energy level has started dropping. It is as if nothing seems to work… And moreover, have you ever felt stressed from boredom? When you feel that your job has no meaning? When you don’t feel valued and always being buried in negativity from others? It is so easy to say that one shall ignore it, but boy, it is very hard to do. All I want to do is to get away from everything – just for a little while. Not having anyone talking trash or getting more meaningless tasks filling my everyday.


I always go to the sea for comfort. The silent sighs from the waves that flush ashore, the sweet scent from the nearby plants, the warm sand and the salty air makes me fall down to ground zero. I make a deep inhale and stand by the beach, wondering when it all started to go wrong. What happened between the time I saw myself smiling and relaxed, and when my head got overrun by thoughts, plans of different tasks, and several people I have to consider before making any decision? What did I do wrong?


There is something about the sea, where I feel like throwing away everything bad from the day and let it sink down to the dark depths of the water, forever to be forgotten. When it was really bad this summer, I fell asleep on a bench at the beach, suddenly realizing how tired I was when I reached my sanctuary.

Where do you go to relax?


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