As the sun is setting in this writing hour, I look out the window and silently bid the summer a fond farewell. Tomorrow it is September. Autumn has officially arrived. Although, I feel very sad to let summer go, I also embrace autumn with its many gifts. It is a time for forage and harvest, and it is my favourite thing about autumn.

To step outside in the wet grass, the crisp chilly air with a warm sweater and pick fruit and berries as well as gathering mushrooms. Is there anything else more idyllic to do in fall than stroll calmly around outside among fading trees, foraging the goods of nature?

Autumn is also a time for cooking, for pickling and drying food. A red jam with rowan and apples will make whomever you get over for pancakes taste it with a curious mime. Schnapps from blackthorn warms up the best Christmas lunches later this year… And finally, sweet plums in salads or just as a delicious raw snack is so very autumn-like that it makes my mouth water. This weekend, I’ve planned to pick one of the super foods of nature: Aronia.

What do you gather at this time of year?


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