One of the best memories I have from this summer is a simple one… I paddled out on my SUP board all alone after work. The beaches were empty, because people had not left their work as early I did. It made me discover amazing hideouts along the coast that can only be described as magical. The trees were green, the typical dark colour of summer, they reached the beach and made a tall wall, excluding the area completely from the mysterious depths of the forest. The sand was white, soft and glittery in the pale sun that shined from above a blue sky.


The sea… Oh the sea… It was green. Green and blue, only separated by yellow from the ray of light that hit the water and the sand and rocks under the surface. I could see the bottom from above my board, and it was formed in a Nordic coral reef-like way with rocks, sand and seaweed. Some of the seaweed covered small areas underneath the water, some rose up to the surface like long threads of its own undersea forest.


I sat down on my board, right in front of the dark forest, looking at the empty beach and finding absolute bliss as the waves flushed ashore with gentle sighs and seagulls floated lazily over my head. To make the whole scene perfectly idyllic, fish suddenly appeared underneath me, and their silver scales sparkled as they swam by in small steams. I am so grateful for this memory, and it will keep me warm throughout the winter.

What is your best memory of the summer?


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