If you have some room in your garden, and you have no idea what to use all the space for, then it is an absolutely fantastic idea to sow wild flowers. The flowers are beneficial for bees and many other insects that have specialised themselves in those specific species. Not to mention, your garden will look gorgeous bathed in different colours and scents – and besides, it will create more biodiversity on your property.


I like to make a garden bed for wild flowers and one for edible ones. Chrysanthemum, marigolds, summer asters and many more decorate the low vegetables so nicely. It gives a specific country-like atmosphere, when the garden if filled with flowers, bees, wasps (remember that these do not only pollinate, but they also eat aphids) and butterflies. If you lay down in between the gardens and close your eyes, you can hear a quiet buzz from the small insects. Ahh, the summer is not over yet.


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