For some, it is a bit too early to make a real harvest. Although some of your veggies might be ready, some can be left in the ground to grow bigger. Throughout the entire September, October and a bit of November, you will still be able to make a harvest from your garden. However, make sure to only leave the sturdiest plants in the cold soil.


Yet, already now, the garden can be filled with delicious greens ready to be put in your mouth either raw (seriously, try it raw) or cooked. We have beans (now these need to be cooked, otherwise you will have a stomach ache), carrots and most importantly, edible flowers. They are absolutely delicious (and so pretty) in salads. Notice how different each flower tastes. Which one do you like the most? I like the edible chrysanthemums.


If you are more the cooked dishes type of person, here is an easy recipe on a delicious Chili sin Carne:

  • Take whatever vegetables you can find in your garden
  • Chop them in pieces
  • Fry them lightly in the pot
  • Put in a whole chili as well as some spices like coriander and cumin
  • Put in some tomato sauce
  • Let it cook until the veggies are ready.
  • Add pepper and salt
  • And finally, some kidney beans
  • Let it cook briefly for a few minutes and take the pot off – TADAAA! So tasty!

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